Artist Statement

Look at my work and forget.  My Numinist work is infinite in scope, and pure in intention.  I derive shape from rhythm and content from consciousness.

Art is communication in the language of the artist.  “Look at this!”, says the artist.  Humanity and intellect are on display. Stylistic conceit is lucidly presented.  Who hears? The strength of a work depends on the strength of the skill with which passion and even compassion is transferred into the piece. There is personality in artwork – do you appreciate this persona? – do you need to? – does the point jibe with a subconscious ideal?

I always remain grounded with the task of capturing everything. I attempt to be the conduit to the presence that we all share.  The ohm of sound, the other white of light.  It may be the translation of a thought, a glimpse of the infinite, a purging of the modern human condition, or simply a flavor of human life in the raw.  The intention may be nothing more than to connect with beauty.  What is being communicated may not be obvious, expected, or appreciated – yet there it is.  A statement, a sharing.

I find working oil paints with my fingers to be a cathartic experience.  A primitive awakening. It is the most direct method of application and I become the conduit of truth.  Often, I spend a good deal of time with a large empty canvas before I sense that the time has arrived for commencement – the kronos. A general plan, theme, idea, or sketch may be evolving along with the painting in progress. Expressionism has to be spontaneous to a certain extent. It must allow for adjustments and loose direction, yet it must also be governed by intense scrutiny. How else would the artist know when it’s finished?

– Robert Zawadzkas

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